What News Does Susanna Bring From The Doctor?

Susanna has some good news from the doctor. She claims that Betty’s ailment has no natural explanation and that it might be caused by the devil; there is no solution.

Similarly, What news does Susanna bring from the doctor what rumor is circulating about Betty Why is Rev Parris so worried about his reputation?

Susanna claims that Betty’s illness is incurable. 4. Is there any gossip regarding Betty? Betty’s illness is said to have been caused by witchcraft, according to rumors.

Also, it is asked, What news does Susanna Walcott bring to Rev Parris?

Doctor Griggs is unable to discover a treatment for Betty’s illness, Susanna informs the Reverend. He believes the sickness has a “unnatural source,” but Reverend Parris dismisses this theory. Susanna is told to return home by Abigail and the Reverend, but not to spread stories around the community.

Secondly, What is the rumor circulating about Betty?

Betty’s illness is said to have been caused by witchcraft, according to rumors. How does Abigail justify the girls’ actions in the woods at first? They were dancing and Tituba was singing, she claims, and no witchcraft was being used.

Also, What advice does the doctor send back via Susanna?

What recommendation does the physician respond with? He should seek for a “unnatural explanation” since he can’t uncover a medical basis for her condition.

People also ask, What does Rebecca Nurse say about Betty’s condition?

(Act 1) What is Rebecca Nurse’s take on Betty’s situation? Betty’s condition is not caused by witchcraft, as she knows.

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What rumor is circulating about Betty Act 1?

Betty’s illness is said to have been caused by witchcraft, according to rumors. How does Abigail justify the girls’ actions in the woods at first? They were dancing and Tituba was singing, she claims, and no witchcraft was being used.

What message does Susanna Walcott bring to Parris from Dr Griggs?

Abigail walks in and informs him that Susanna Walcott has delivered a message from Dr. Griggs. Susanna is summoned, and she informs Parris that Dr. Griggs has no cure for Betty’s condition in his books, and that he suspects a supernatural origin.

What does Susanna mean by unnatural things?

What do you believe Susanna means when she tells Rev Parris that the doctor wants him to “look to unnatural things” to find the source of the problem? Dr. denotes the presence of evil spirits or witchcraft. Because the reason is “outside the natural world,” he can’t discover a remedy for Betty’s symptoms.

What does Reverend Parris fear?

Reverend Parris is concerned about losing his career, Abigail is concerned about being prosecuted and losing John Proctor, and Tituba is concerned about bodily harm. People are motivated by fear to protect their own preferences and to use their authority to hurt others. Fear of losing his job drives Reverend Parris to cry witch.

What did Mr Parris see in the woods?

Mercy is the woman Parris witnessed fleeing nude through the woods, according to Abigail. Mary Warren enters the room and informs Abigail that everyone in Salem believes Betty’s condition is caused by witchcraft. Marry Warren is terrified and concerned that the locals would name her and the other girls as witches.

What did Parris find in the woods?

In the forest, what did Parris see? He saw Abigail, Betty, and many other females dancing in the forest with his slave, Tituba, in the middle of the night. Parris thinks he saw someone rushing nude through the woods, intoning strange phrases and flailing her arms over a fire.

What does Parris question his niece about?

Parris interrogates his niece Abigail about what? Concerning her actions in the woods. What did Parris witness the night before in the woods? Tituba was swinging her arms over the flames, and a nude lady was dancing.

What is the function of Rebecca Nurse in the play?

Common Deliberation Question: What role does Rebecca Nurse perform in the play? Answer: Rebecca represents the play’s moral high point. Miller uses her as the standard by which all other characters are measured.

What is Parris main concern?

Reverend Parris is primarily concerned about his reputation and how he is treated.

Who laid 7 babies unbaptized in the earth?

Parris, Reverend

What news does Mary bring the proctors from court *?

Mary threatens John Proctor with lechery charges if he testifies against Abigail in court (and since Abigail has so much power right now, the court will believe her and John will suffer the consequences).

What advice does Rebecca give Parris and why?

Rebecca assures Putnam and the others that Betty and Ruth’s illness would pass, and she cautions Parris that blaming the girls’ actions on witchcraft would be hazardous.

What will delay Elizabeth’s hanging *?

What will save Elizabeth from being hanged? Her childbirth.

What does Reverend Parris say he has seen in the forest?

Reverend Parris claims to have seen something in the woodland. In the jungle, Reverend Parris has witnessed his daughter, niece, and Tituba “dancing like heathens.” He also saw someone racing through the woods nude.

Who is Reverend Parris niece?

Reverend Parris’ niece Abigail Williams. Abigail was originally the Proctor household’s servant, but Elizabeth Proctor sacked her after discovering Abigail’s adultery with her husband, John Proctor. Abigail is cunning, devious, an excellent liar, and vengeful when provoked.

Why did Parris send Rev Hale from Beverly?

Reverend Parris has sent Reverend Hale from Beverly to certify that his daughter Betty is not experiencing any otherworldly phenomena. The village doctor speculates that there is something wrong with her that medicine can’t repair, referring to witchcraft or the devil.

What instructions does Parris give to Susanna before she leaves?

Parris encourages them to keep investigating and contacts Reverend Hale to make sure there isn’t any witchcraft involved, which may jeopardize his reputation. In the forest, what did Parris see?

What did Rebecca do to Betty?

Rebecca, what did you do to Betty? She attempted to reawaken and soothe her. She was successful.

Who is Goody Osborne in The Crucible?

In The Crucible, Goody Osborne, sometimes known as Sarah Osborne, is an unseen figure who is one of the first to be accused of witchcraft.

What does it mean when Parris ask Abigail?

Reverend Parris inquires about Abigail’s name since he is unsure whether her reputation is pure or good. She answers defensively since she is well aware that her reputation is not good, but the affair is still a secret at this time.

Does Mary want Abby to tell the truth?

Mary expects Abby to be honest about what happened in the woods. Proctor is a frail guy who is irritable and malicious. Abigail had an affair with John Proctor. Betty yelled and flew about the room worshipping Satan, which was one clue she was bewitched.

Why is Parris concerned for his daughter?

He seeks the assistance of Reverend Hale, a witchcraft expert Page 2 7. Parris’ worry for his daughter is mostly motivated by his concerns about his reputation, as seen by his statements in Act I.

What is the conflict between Putnam and Proctor?

Putnam and Proctor are at odds about who owns a piece of property where Proctor gathers his lumber. Putnam says that his grandpa bequeathed him the property in his will.

Why is Rev Hale telling the accused to lie?

Why is Rev. Hale advising the accused to speak the truth? Hale believes they are innocent, but he wants them to lie and confess in order to spare their lives. For a Reverend, this is huge.


Susanna, who is the doctor’s wife, has been hearing rumors about Betty.

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The “why is reverend parris so worried about his reputation?” is a question that the reader may ask themselves. The answer to this question is that Reverend Parris has been accused of witchcraft and is trying to save his reputation.

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