How Old Is Margaret Orr From Channel 6 News?

Similarly, Is Margaret Orr still married?

The head meteorologist at WDSU in New Orleans is Margaret Orr. Alma mater of Margaret Orr Louisiana State College active1979 to the present Broadcast meteorologist and spouse (s) Settoon, Bill another row

Also, it is asked, What high school did Margaret Orr go to?

Louisiana State College Education Margaret Orr In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Louisiana State University is a public land-grant research institution. Under the name Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy, the institution was established in 1853 in what is now the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wikipedia

Secondly, Is Daniel Graves leaving WDSU?

PERSONAL NEWS: At the end of the month, I’ll be departing WDSU. These last five years have been an incredible trip, and I am so grateful that you joined me on this adventure.

Also, Who left WDSU news?

After more than four years of providing Southeast Louisiana with news coverage, Christina Watkins of WDSU said goodbye on Friday. She is traveling back to Orlando to work for WESH 2 News, WDSU’s sister station. Watch as coworkers discuss her tenure here and the effect she had on the neighborhood.

People also ask, Who are the meteorologist on WDSU?

Morning meteorologist WeatherArt Jarrett Meteorologist Devon Lucie Chief meteorologist Margaret Orr. Meteorologist Damon Singleton Meteorologist Lee Southwick

Related Questions and Answers

Where is WDSU located?

Louisiana’s New Orleans

How tall is Damon Singleton?

Outside linebacker Damon Singleton is a 6-2, 210-pound native of Wyandotte, Michigan.

How old is Chris Hohmann?

Where is Lee Southwick from?

AL Montgomery WSFA 12 News welcomed Lee in June of 2018. She attended the University of Florida where she studied geography, meteorology, and climatology. She is originally from Amelia Island, Florida. Her interest in weather began when she was a little girl, and the 2004 hurricane season sparked her ambition to become a meteorologist.

Where is Lee Southwick going?

At WDSU in New Orleans, Lee works as a meteorologist. In August 2021, she joined the group. She joined the First Alert Weather Team in June 2018 after previously working as a meteorologist for WSFA 12 News. She has since predicted and dealt with several hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather disasters.

Where is Art Jarrett now?

Art Jarrett, an early-morning meteorologist for Salinas-Monterey, is moving to WDSU, a New Orleans NBC station owned by Hearst. Jarrett, who spent 11 years at Hearst’s Salinas-Monterey NBC station KSBW, is moving within the company.

What does WDSU news stand for?

New Orleans, Louisiana’s TV 6 TV Stations ยป Community. Score it: WDSU. The DeSoto Hotel is represented by the letters D and S in WDSU, while Joseph Uhalt is represented by the letter U.

How do I contact WDSU?

Information about ConnectContact. (504) 679-0600 for WDSU Main. Web staff may be reached at [email protected] News tips may be sent to [email protected] Mailing Address for WDSU. 846 Howard Avenue, WDSU NewsChannel 6. 70113 New Orleans, LA

What channel is WDSU?

A television station connected with NBC with a license to operate in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States is WDSU, virtual channel 6 (UHF digital channel 43). Hearst Television, a division of Hearst Communications, is the station’s owner.

Where did Alexandra Cranford go to high school?

High School in Slidell

Who is the new chief meteorologist at WWL-TV?

Chief Chris Franklin

Where is Sula Kim?

Award-winning TV anchor and reporter Sula Kim works in New Orleans. She presents the daily news between 6 and 10 o’clock.

How many children do Gina Swanson have?

News Anchor at WDSU Baby daughter is welcomed by Gina Swanson. Six pounds were the birthweight of Elle Gray. All three parents and older brother Willie Jr. are doing well. Swanson’s second kid is this.

Where did Sherman Desselle go?

Sherman returned home to Alexandria, Louisiana after earning a performing arts degree from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. While waiting to decide what to do next, he worked at a local grocery store deli.

Did Christina Watkins leave WDSU news?

The news that Christina Watkins is leaving WDSU has shocked her fans. Christina Watkins, a journalist at WDSU, is quitting her position to work for a brand-new news organization in Orlando, Florida. Through her official Twitter account @CWatkinsWDSU, she made her news public.

Who are the meteorologist at WSFA?

Every evening at 5, 6, and 10 p.m., Josh Johnson, the chief meteorologist for WSFA, gives his prediction.

Is Surae Chinn still married?

Surae said that she and her husband Devon separated around 1.5 years ago when the woman posted an Instagram post from a local parent and her 11-year-old kid in which they both discussed how they were coping with divorce.

Is Amanda Curran still with WSFA?

AL Montgomery In July 2014, Amanda Curran began working as a meteorologist for WSFA 12 News. Amanda was born and raised in New Hampshire and most recently resided in Vermont for four years before relocating to the Heart of Dixie.

Is Art Jarrett still with KSBW?

Art has been covering wildfires, evacuations, and mudslides for KSBW for 11 years. Art will be transferring to WDSU, our Hearst sister station in New Orleans. Art, good luck and bye! Art Jarrett, a Sunrise meteorologist for KSBW, is leaving the station to pursue a new opportunity elsewhere in the nation.

Is WDSU on Roku?

Since Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV all offer them, you may watch WDSU on your Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android or iOS device, as well as on your web browser.

What county is New Orleans?

Parish of Orleans

How can I watch WDSU live?

You may watch daytime, primetime, late-night, and local news, weather, traffic, and live sports on WDSU. With an antenna on Channel 6, or by paying for a live streaming service, you may view the broadcast channel.


Margaret Orr is a reporter for Channel 6 News in Manchester, and she is 40 years old.

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